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UpdatedWednesday September 12, 2018 byCalgary Family Curling Association.


Please note:  There is no curling this fall.  

My appologies, I am unable to organize the program this fall. 
FamilyCurling is our passion and we will have more programs in the future.  Although it may not be until the fall of 2019.  The situation is further explained on the front page of
​Sincerely, Derek


Interested in family curling?  Great!

Locations, dates & times are
listed at the bottom of this page.

If you haven't already, you can visit to learn more.

Family curling is a great way for family members age 6 to grandparent to cheer each other on and celebrate great shots.  As volunteers, it is so rewarding to be out there sharing fist bumps and whatever it is that Big Hero 6 does :)   

New curlers welcome!

Family curling was designed from the start to help new curlers learn and experience the sport.

We play games from day 1

If you are an experienced curler, you can deliver the rock using the slide delivery. 

If you are brand new to curling, don't worry we have a trick up our sleeve. ..Well a stick actually.  Without having to test your flexibility, your knees or your back :) you will deliver the rock by walking down the ice, pushing it with a delivery stick.  New players will deliver the rock from a spot closer to the rings so that you can make a lot of great shots.  Younger players throw from a distance that matches their strength.  Some experienced curlers will choose to use the stick delivery to be close to their family members and because it's a fun new way to play the game.

Everyone has fun with this format!

For new players, we think of it like street hockey.  A lot of fun without having to learn to skate first.  If you decide you love the game and want to learn the slide, we will help connect you with a learn to slide program that will teach and practice the proper technique.  

Great locations to choose from:

  • Programs at three clubs makes it convenient for many communities.  
  • All of the clubs have great facilities and host the fun and family bonding you are looking for.
  • A special note about Indus - it is a beautiful community club that is well worth the 10 minute drive.

How to register:

  • Click the Register banner above to start the registration process. 
  • First you will create an account for an adult and register the adult in a division (an ice time at a location), then add more people to the account and register them in the division as well.
  • When checking out, you will be presented with online payment options.
  • Payment Plan - you can register paying only $20 per player at registration and the balance four days before the first game in January.

Who can register?

  • Ages 6 to Grandparent.  The short sheet stick delivery game programs shrink age and size advantages significantly, enabling everyone to have fun together.

  • Our definition of family is your definition of family. There just needs to be at least one adult registered who is responsible for at least one youth on the same registration account. The adult can be a grandparent, parent, aunt, uncle or even a close family friend. An adult can register with up to three youth.

  • You don't need to have four players to register. We will put groups together to form two teams to play together. 

  • Substitutions are okay.  If a player(s) can't make all of the games, someone you choose can take their spot. 

Children's fitness tax credit

Family curling qualifies for a 15% children's fitness and arts tax credit.


  • All youth are expected to wear head protection and head protection is a good idea for adults too. Your choice of head protection such as a bike or hockey helmet.

  • Players must bring clean indoor shoes to the rink to be worn on the ice. The shoes cannot be worn to the rink. A good pair of soft rubber soled shoes will provide the most traction. Be careful of soles that get hard and slippery when cold or have big nobby patterns with little surface area on the ice. (Sliders are not used in the short sheet games)

Have a few questions?  Feel free to call Derek at 403-862-2550.  (8am-10pm)

When you register, you will be presented with the following options, as space allows:

* Please...  If you decide not to register, we would sincerely appreciate receiving an email sharing why.  We genuinely want to enhance the lives of youth and family and your feedback helps us improve.  Thank you sincerely.

Please click the registration banner at the top of the page to register.  
Note: There are options to start on the second week.​